What is Your Digital Lifestyle?

Imagine if the Internet imploded – never to return again. Digital media is so ingrained in our lives – would we be able to handle it?

Let’s time travel back to the 90s and ask yourself how was your life back then? It is certain that some of the main changes you’d notice are related to digital media. There was no Facebook back then, so annoying status updates and tons of cute cat pictures weren’t a part of our daily lives yet. We didn’t need to witness the intricate details of our friends’ Sunday brunch menu and birds were the only ones who used to tweet.

Set your time machine’s dial to the current year and chances are that you’d startle someone using a social media in his smartphone or laptop! The changes are so vast, and seem to penetrate into so many areas of our everyday lives, that a case can be made for the existence of a digital lifestyle.

It’s rare to find net users now a days who don’t have multiple profiles on a number of social networking sites.
New generations go on dates with people they meet online. People talk in real-time with people on the other side of the world. Business owners manage online identity and their business’s reputation now depends on Google reviews and ratings. To take any purchasing decision process, people now research more in online than offline and friend and family recommendations influence the decision process more often than the personal research itself. According to the recent studies, what motivates Canadians to make comments online are share information (33%), help others (39%), complain (12%) and praise a brand (16%). The current most popular online activities for Canadians are online banking, watching user-created video, and watching professionally-created video respectively. Thanks to our increasingly public digital lives, marketers gather more information than ever to use to lure us to buy things.

It’s easy to see how all these data analysis and profiling helps brands to grow. But it is also a fair reflection of the digital lives we’re living.

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